What We Believe
  • Health is wealth.
  • They key to health is BSHNM and focus in this order!
  • Your daily choices determine your health, you got this!
  • Start conservative, meaning start cheaper and reversible.
  • There is a connection of the body and mind.
  • Changes are hard to see, for good or for bad. 
  • No comparison allowed! No one else has your life and genetics. 
  • Everyone can get healthier. Health is a lifestyle. 
What Does BSHNM Mean?

We have made the road to better health as simple as we could


  • Every cell in the body uses oxygen; luckily, it is all around us.
  • Breathing well during the day and night matters. And if you do not do it for a few minutes, you will die, that sounds important to us.
  • 96% or more of our air should go through the nose (you get the point, almost all of it!)


  • When you sleep, the brain is working magic.
  • The brain restores, regulates, and repairs!


  • A well hydrated body works better.
  • Drinking enough water is important for your health. It can help keep your body cooler, help with mental health, and cause your organs to function better.


  • Good nutrition is essential!
  • Eat healthy and reduce the risk of chronic disease and live longer.


  • Pick anything you like that gets you moving!
  • Go do what you enjoy every day!
Why I Ripple

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Just do it like this...

Nasal breathing slows down breathing and gives a sensation of things being “ok”, so do it as much as you can. Because air goes through the mouth easier, too much CO2 gets out when we breathe through our mouth and causes issues like increasing the urge to go to the bathroom at night and increasing asthma during the day especially during exercise. Proper tongue posture up against the palate and forward gets the tongue out of the airway. As you elevate your tongue, it will make it easier to close the lips so the air goes through the nose (a much better look for models and celebrities). 

There is a spectrum of breathing. One of the unfortunate statements we hear is “I breathe fine”.  This isn’t a situation whether you breathe fine (perfect) or terrible (meaning dead).  You are on a spectrum somewhere in between perfect and dead and where you are on the spectrum will determine how your body will function.  So let’s improve where you are on the spectrum and let’s get you closer to breathing fine.


Sleep takes up one third of our lives, do it well.

Systems of the body restore and repair during sleep. We are talking memory consolidation, immune system regulation, metabolic hormone control, reproductive hormone control, and the list goes on and on. To say it simply, you should feel amazing when you wake up, if not you were not doing what you needed!

When we are asleep, the brain notices our airway collapsing or when our oxygen levels decrease. This is to protect us. This protection comes at a price, meaning our health and wellness of other systems of the body will decline because of interruptions to the brain.

What really matters for improving sleep? Healthy sleep is a big picture. At the top is great breathing, without it, forget it. Then we have to be comfortable. So basically this means no or little pain. If pain comes into the head or neck area, or back, hips, shoulders, then forget about sleeping great. The right pillow and mattress can help this. Then you need to find the routine that works for each of you. Look to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (sleep hygiene) to help with this. When you take naps, when and what you eat and drink matters. Alcohol destroys good sleep and much more so now you know. Start and end your day in peace and don’t stop till you get there.


Essential for all!

About ¾ of the world’s population has access to clean water. So if you do have access to clean water then be grateful. If you can, help get clean water to the rest that don’t, you will not regret it. Every person on earth deserves it!

Water helps your body:

How much to drink? Take the number of pounds you weigh and cut that number in half and drink that many ounces of water a day. If your urine is not colorless then drink more water throughout the day until it becomes clear.

Not much else to say, but don’t drink it too cold. Oh yeah, and caffeine is a diuretic just so you know and you will have to make up for that water loss. You should not need to get calories from liquids. Is that enough advice? Oops one more, don’t drink within an hour of going to bed and go to the bathroom right before bed.

Try separating water and food and see how that goes for you. Leave an hour in between each. If you don’t like it, oh well you tried.

Expect to have more energy and perform better in all aspects. It might take about a week to fully hydrate, so be patient.


Keep it simple.

Find what works for you. Make it enjoyable, otherwise it will not be sustainable. Think of this part as your new lifestyle, not a diet! Talk to a nutritionist or doctor and if they provide success, keep talking to them, otherwise find someone else.


Have fun!

This is not about expensive programs or equipment, our body is meant to move every day.