What To Expect With Your Ripple Appliance

Getting your Ripple Appliance 

The first step to getting a Ripple Appliance is to locate a provider, call, and schedule an appointment. Your Ripple Provider will walk you through the process of sleep screening, testing, and fitting for the Ripple Appliance. Once your provider has everything they need the information is sent to the manufacturing facility for processing. Your dentist will set up a final appointment for delivery and will instruct you on the use and home care of your new appliance. You can now enjoy your Ripple and start getting the quality sleep you have been looking for!

Get the Most out of Your Ripple Oral Appliance

Most Ripple users are completely adjusted to wearing their Ripple Appliance within the first few nights. If you experience any pain or discomfort after a week of use contact your provider.

If you have a Ripple Plus make sure that you are using the recommended number of loops on the elastic chain. Before making any adjustments contact your provider.

Caring for Your Ripple Oral Appliance

Ripple Oral Appliances are made of a 3D printed durable material and require very little maintenance. They should be cleaned after each use, using your regular toothbrush. If they are not cleaned regularly, you may notice a discoloration, similar to teeth discoloration. You can purchase over the counter appliance cleaning tablets that can be used once a week to help fight off staining and discoloration.

Remember to take your Ripple Appliance to all of your regular dental cleaning appointments, this way your dentist is able to monitor fit. Often dental hygienists offer a cleaning service for night guards, so don’t hesitate to ask. Ripple Retainers will last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years with proper care. You should avoid exposing them to high heat temperatures or soaking them in any type of cleaner. Your Ripple is custom fit, and will not fit if major dentistry is done.