The Secret Link Between Nighttime Bladder Control and Breathing

Know anyone struggling with bedwetting? Or, waking up with the urge to go to the bathroom? Asthma? These are almost always created by improper nighttime breathing, which is over-breathing or more commonly known as mouth breathing!

So, how do we stop over-breathing?

Stop breathing through your mouth! We can’t say it any simpler. Breathing through the nose takes care of this because it keeps more CO2 in the body, so we do not become hypocapnic (meaning having low CO2). But, what does CO2 have to do with bedwetting and asthma? Well, our body responds to low CO2 by contracting smooth muscle. Smooth muscle lines the urinary and respiratory tract. The more those smooth muscles contract, the more you want to go to the bathroom or you struggle to breathe. (Side note: when do we mouth breathe the most? During exercise… Hmm, exercise-induced asthma? Let’s call it what it really is.)

Bladder control problems and asthma in children can negatively affect the confidence of any child. It is a hard enough time as they are forming their identity, and the nights can be rough on the family–many have been there. But, great news! This is an over-breathing (hyperventilating) story! So parents and doctors, listen to the symptoms and treat the cause.

Now the older folks, are you waking up in the night many times to go to the bathroom? The real cause isn’t just chalked up to age or prostate size. If you learn how to sleep deeper and breathe right, then the urge to go to the bathroom will not wake you up as much, if at all. Yes, it’s that simple.

Now, how do you stop breathing through your mouth you ask?

It is easier than you think. Make sure the nose is getting enough air, keep the lips closed, and the tongue up against the roof of your mouth. This is what Ripple is designed to do. This can be a science and art with younger ones. It takes a competent doctor and a dedicated family to support the child until the proper habits are formed. For adults, Ripple Oral Appliances and nasal dilators like the Ripple Airstrip can be the most conservative and best option, so talk to your dentist or doctor about Ripple or go to experienceripple.com for more information.