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Ripple Plus

The Ripple Plus design focuses on everything that the Ripple Retainer does, and has added features that benefits everyone. With added airway support, you can sleep better and wake up more rested. 

The Ripple Plus will...

Eliminate Jaw Pain

Get relief from daily jaw pain caused by clenching or grinding.​

Reduce Snoring

Get more restful sleep for you and your bed partner. They will thank you, we promise!

Increased Comfort

No longer do you need to use a bulky, out of date, and uncomfortable appliance.


Restore proper jaw position and reduce chronic popping and clicking.

Protect Your Teeth

Protect your dental investment or ortho work and your nice, pearly whites.

Travel & Sleep Anywhere

Go places you never thought possible and still get the zzz's like at your home.

See How The Ripple Plus Measures Up

The New Standard In Oral Appliance Therapy

NTI-Tss Full Coverage
Improves Sleep Quality
Holds Tooth Position
Protects Teeth
Reduces Tension Headaches
Protects TMJ Joint
Reduces Jaw Pain Due to Bruxing

Many oral appliances on the market are old and outdated and have not been updated in years. They cause more problems then they fix. The Ripple Plus is made with everything in mind, from TMJ health to airway support, it can help people just like you.

The Ripple Plus is Made For...

Ripple Moved