How Stress During Sleep Affects Overall Health

Fight or Flight

“A quick and unconscious neurological response to a perceived threat that stimulates defensive behavior.” The ‘fight or flight’ reaction to stress causes the natural introduction of cortisol and dopamine into the human blood system.  Frequent exposure to stress that produces the ‘fight or flight’ response causes several reactions. One of the primary reactions is jaw clenching and teeth grinding (Bruxism) during sleep.

Increased heart rateIncreased blood pressureIncreased respiratory rateHigher pulse rate
Increased oxygen consumptionIncreased blood lactateIncreased muscle tensionRapid production of cortisol
Production of noradrenaline   

Ripple Plus – State of the Art Sleep Disorder Treatment

Summary: Stress is one of the primary causes of sleep disorders and bruxism. Regardless of its origin, the stress in homo sapiens manifests itself early in life. In modern, western civilization the symptoms of stress are sleep disorders, obesity, diabetes, substance abuse, bruxism, and the lengthy list of symptoms found in Appendix A. Ripple Oral Appliances are designed to directly address sleep disorders and bruxism. The use of this intraoral device stops the physiological processes created by stress. By ending the process that culminates in jaw clenching during sleep and ending the process associated with sleep apnea, Ripple Oral Appliances allow users to sleep better and enjoy immediate benefits. The fundamental triad of a healthy lifestyle is sleep, a balanced diet, and exercise. Ripple Oral Applainces are an effective catalyst for everyone to achieve one of the three essentials – sleep.