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Joe Magness DDS

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Magness has been in practice since graduating from the NYU School of Dentistry in 2001. As a part of his dental practice, he has been treating patients who present symptoms of sleep disorders, including sleep apnea, bruxism, stress, neck and jaw pain.

During his fourteen years of practice, he has researched and developed an intraoral device that mitigates and, in many cases, eliminates symptoms associated with such stress-related problems. He has subjected the devices to clinical research trials and has personally been involved with many patients directly during their treatment.

Dr. Magness has been living and practicing in Orem, Utah, since graduating from Dental School. He is deeply invested in the treatment of patients in need of dental and other treatments. His resume includes expertise with CEREC, oral surgery including anesthesia, secure digital capture of all patient documents, HIPAA Security, and PSQIA Safety.

Paul Peay

Product Manager and Oral Appliance Specialist

Paul started working as a dental lab tech in 2012 by pouring up models and quickly moving up lab positions. Paul has experience in dental CAD/CAM design, retainers, gold crowns, zirconia crowns, metal finishing (PFM crowns).

Paul graduated from Utah Valley University with a Bachelor of Science degree in business management in 2015. After graduating, he continued to work in the dental lab but always felt like he was meant for something more. In 2019 Paul joined the Ripple team as an oral appliance specialist fabricating the Ripple appliances by hand. After doing this for a few months and working with Dr. Magness, they decided a 3D printed appliance was the future for Ripple.

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