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Breathing is critical to our bodies. However, at times our bodies are not getting enough oxygen and can lead to countless symptoms. We develop custom products that help you breathe better and live better. 

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Ripple was developed from the ground up with the perfect combination of comfort and simple, effective design. With appliances that meet the unique needs of people just like you!

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Custom and 3D printed to fit perfectly. It increases airflow through the nasal passageway to improve nasal breathing.

Ripple Retainer

Simple and sleek the Ripple Retainer is ideal for people who grind their teeth or need to retain tooth position.

Ripple Plus

With the added airway support of the Ripple Plus, you get the benefits of the Ripple Retainer with added airway support.

Ripple Supports Your Airway Everyday!

what can Ripple Appliances do for you?

Eliminate Jaw Pain

Get relief from daily jaw pain caused by grinding or bruxing.​

Ripple Retainer |  Ripple Plus

Reduce Snoring

Get more restful sleep for you and your bed partner. They will thank you, we promise!

Ripple Plus

Increased Airflow

Improve your airflow, support your airway, and start breathing in the possibilities!

Ripple Plus  |  Ripple Airstrip


Restore proper jaw position and reduce chronic popping and clicking.

Ripple Retainer |  Ripple Plus

Protect Your Teeth

Protect your dental investment or ortho work and your nice pearly whites.

Ripple Retainer |  Ripple Plus

Travel & Sleep Anywhere

Go places you never thought possible and still get the zzz's like your home.

Ripple Retainer |  Ripple Plus

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Dentists all over the country are switching to Ripple and leaving the outdated, bulky appliances behind.


Dentists are licensed to administer at home sleep tests and treat OSA with oral appliance therapy. However, only a certified sleep doctor can diagnose sleep apnea. Most dental offices have a board-certified sleep specialist that will review the sleep test results and confirm the presence and severity of OSA.

At-home sleep testing is now readily available and accepted to determine the presence of sleep apnea. Patients with severe sleep apnea that require a CPAP are often required to have an in-facility sleep test.

Oral appliances for OSA fall under your medical insurance, durable medical equipment category. Patients must have a sleep test reviewed and diagnosed by an MD, who recommends oral appliance therapy. Most insurances require a preauthorization, and some may require a patient to try a CPAP before approving an oral appliance. Please contact your dental office with further questions.

No, the Ripple Oral Appliances are custom fabricated and can only be provided by a dentist who is a certified Ripple provider.

The Ripple Retainer is the only night guard that guides a patient to their individual, ideal sleep position. The Ripple Retainer also provides upper and lower retention, so there is no need to decide between your traditional retainer and treating your bruxism. Most over-the-counter or non-custom night guards may actually increase bruxism and are not recommended by most trained dental professionals. See how the Ripple and Ripple Plus compare to other products.

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